Sunday, October 30, 2011



 it's funny how the words around us can push, prod and ultimately alter the course of our existence.
we may not realize it but the things that those  (whom we take seriously) around us say can alter how(or in some cases "if") we view a particular subject.

too vague.

Paul and Christie are close friends, closer'n dirt. Paul learned to drive from his dad, Christie from her mom. Paul's father is a careless driver with habits that rubbed off effectively and now his son texts, drinks, and closes his eyes to sing along to music while he drives ( sometimes all at the same time). Christie's tutelage was quite the contrary. Her mother taught her to be a highly cautious driver; her only points off during the driving test came from her failure to signal 100ft before a turn. Which her perfectionist mother couldn't help but bring up immediately after the test even though her daughter passed with a near perfect score.  

Bringing it up that one time was all it took.

 a couple years later, paul's drunktextsing driving as he follows christie on the way to party (after pre-gaming heavily at his house prior to meeting up to follow his lady friend). There's a hidden turn coming up and they're traveling at lets say 50-60mph. The song hits the chorus and paul goes to close his eyes 115ft before the turn. Just as his stupor infused mind is sending the signal to close his eyelids christie's mother's comment pops into her head and she nonchalantly flips her directional at exactly 100ft as she has with every turn since the test. Seeing the directional Paul realizes his breaks are needed and snaps to attention to safely make the turn.

now had she not been so anal about the turning signal due to her mother's comment after the test christie could have been in an accident due to her friend's carelessness. Of course this situations highly hypothetical and simply meant to accentuate a point. The comment in this case was a lifesaver, but in most real life situations it can often be difficult (and occasionally prudent) to determine the effect our words may have on their target.
I'm by no means a saint, i throw my words like there's no tomorrow; and its only today that i started to realize the weight of things i've said in the past. Will i change for the better because of this realization? nope I'll probably just store it away for awhile and eventually forget it like i do most everything these days.
imma old nigga livin in the young niggas world.

aight eat a dick shitbirds
better yet eat a bag of dicks
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Tengo un gato en mis pantalones y mi queso no es bueno.
este es la vida del delgado

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Boozeday

Day 3
so far so good; no struggle thus far but you know what they say, "no pain no gain"
so is it working?
It's getting colder up here in the mountains of new hampshire and it seems like any day now
i could wake up to a winter wonderland. Then again with how the weather works here I could be swinging off the ropeswing and sucking down arnie palmers at the tressle by noon that same day.
But with all the foliage changing and shit I've been doing some woods trekking with my lil minpin and its been really nice. I don't have a name for this game yet but everyday I go out into the woods and try to get lost and then loop my way home. It's kinda fun playing around with your sense of direction when youre in total foreign surroundings and have no landmarks you can use as locational references.
I'm gunna go play getlost with mack

- survivorman for a couple hours

Monday, October 24, 2011

Living Sober

The first time I ever consumed I was 17 years old.
From those first 8 budlights I knew I was in love, I wanted to drink all the time
and the only thing that kept me from doing so was the fact that I had no money with
which to purchase.
 I'm starting to realize the long-term effects of drinking regularly. I've loved, I've fought, I've been arrested, I've laughed and I've cried my way through the last 4 years and alcohol has played a major role in all of these.
I'm not an alcoholic by any means but I feel like the college lifestyle dampens the mind more than it expands it. Students learn to get by through the week so they can truly be passionate and expressive over the weekends instead of the other way around.
This is all of course just from my own point of view.....
2 days sober now - LEEEEEEEEGO