Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What an onion of a concept that is huh?
Layer after layer, view after view, all encasing the juicy, tearjerking core that we all claim as truth.
The funniest thing about perception is that there are those who do not see it. I mean of course they
understand that it's there, and probably grasp the concept, but that's generally the extent of it.
I believe what I'm saying with all that I've got and therefore it is true.
This self-empowering mindset that separates the lords from the peasants, masters from dogs, bosses from associates. Those who do not question their perception can often times find great success because those around them (who may question their own ) see the unquestioning as confident and strong. Thus providing the support that the doubtful so need to be around in order to feel justified as the go about their business.
Is refusing to question your perception arrogant and therefore naive? or is it simply strength of will that emulates from a sturdy, confident core?
I believe that a person's perception works similar to the placebo effect. A person believes he is right and therefore fights, struggles, bites, scratches, and claws his way up until he has a following of less-confidents who use him as a rock from which to build themselves.

A true rock does not rely on the barnacles and fungus growing across his back for protection or support. Ignoring his surroundings he pulls strength from the dense, cold center of his being and is thus unmoved by the existence-of or number-of those that surround him.
While the rock's perception is nothing more than a product of what he has seen, been taught, and taught himself in terms of how his brain processes information (just as it is with anyone); nothing else matters and therefore nothing else is true. Regardless of if it's the entire world at his back or standing opposite of him; he is right, he is what matters, he is truth.

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