Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Boozeday

Day 3
so far so good; no struggle thus far but you know what they say, "no pain no gain"
so is it working?
It's getting colder up here in the mountains of new hampshire and it seems like any day now
i could wake up to a winter wonderland. Then again with how the weather works here I could be swinging off the ropeswing and sucking down arnie palmers at the tressle by noon that same day.
But with all the foliage changing and shit I've been doing some woods trekking with my lil minpin and its been really nice. I don't have a name for this game yet but everyday I go out into the woods and try to get lost and then loop my way home. It's kinda fun playing around with your sense of direction when youre in total foreign surroundings and have no landmarks you can use as locational references.
I'm gunna go play getlost with mack

- survivorman for a couple hours

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